Healthy Locs Hairstyle From Queenofdreads

Our eyes are locked in on these locs. Healthy locs are worth all the hype that they receive! A loc style this amazing requires a pause …and applause! The “QueenofDreads” showed why she is who she is!! Lovely locs , neatly twisted and styled suits many ages from child to mature ! Various types and sizes of locs makes them the ideal for whatever your desires and hair needs may be! Locs are considered low maintenance styles. This looks was launched a level higher by then styling these looks in a double cornrow style.


Healthy Locs and Cornrows

In this cornrow style, less is more! Cornrows are not a new fashion concept, neither are locs. Both are protective styles, both have been around for incredibles of lengths of time. Not to mention that both are worn for many different reasons. Locs have really taken it up a notch by braiding two rows! Both the locs and the cornrows are neatly done. The QueenofDreads successfully created a clean, edgy, multi-look, healthy loc style. The keys to being able to achieve such a look are the following core components: neat and proper parting, right size, and loc length. If the locks are too large, then they will not lay the same as they do in this style. A small to medium size would work best. Also, having at least near shoulder length locs would best work for this look.


Awesome work and craftsmanship doesn’t come by luck. QueenkfDreads became skilled by work and experience. Her ability to style, start, or redo locks among other services, is amazing. She is timely, reliable and dependable with comparable pricing. Keeping your locs tidy, clean and healthy is another story. Thankfully a professional such as QueenofDreads can handle your loc needs. Contact QueenofLocs by the info provided or through the website.  

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