High Lift Blonde Hair Color on Natural Hair from Jennifer Nealey

.Greensboro, NC cosmetologist Jennifer Nealy from Hair Favor Hair Salon, was able to create this high lift blonde hair color on natural hair with the idea that blondes do have more fun. More women are choosing natural hairstyles as a preferred style method. There are so any ways to wear your hair even if you choose a particular cut. Jennifer wants clients to know wearing your natural hair is a great way to let your scalp breathe. She was able to create this style with ease. Natural hairstylesstyles require low maintenance with the look of high maintenance appeal.

High Lift Blonde Hair Color

Jennifer applied the high lift blonde three weeks prior to doing this hairstyle. She was very familiar with this models hair type. A deep shampoo was first applied to the hair, Each section was parted into sections to allow the hair care treatment to reach every strand (the cut can then be put into place). She suggests a detangling treatment if your hair needs it. Detangling reduces hair breakage and split ends. Jennifer can easily comb through the hair with a detangling treatment, then she spreads a generous amount of treatment to soften the hair from root to tip and then combs through the hair with her fingers. She can easily comb through the hair at this point with a comb, conditions the hair, and performs a final shampoo.

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Low Maintenance Natural Hairstyles

The model’s hair was wrapped, and she was placed under a medium heat dryer for 30-35 minutes. The hair is then curled into soft curls to achieve this beautiful style. This short style can last a few weeks with the right maintenance. You can use a light leave in conditioner to moisturize your hair. This is a great summer look when it’s cold outside. Remember, to wrap your hair every night. If you’re interested in this high lift blonde hair color on natural hair, you’re invited to contact the Jennifer Nealy, the owner of Hair Favor Hair Salon in Greensboro, NC. directly at (336) 423-6396 for more details.

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