Long Natural Hairstyle with a Tapered Side and Curls from Earlisia Torrence

Natural hairstyles are quickly gaining popularity among black women. This model has naturally long hair with no chemicals or extensions, and her cosmetologist add some full body curls to create texture. Earlisia Torrence from Elegant Tresses in Winston-Salem, NC opted to create a hairstyle that is elegant while also making a bold statement. Many women are choosing to wear their natural hair while having one side tapered close to the skin. Earlisia also added a design part in the tapered section. The tapered haircut is a way to dare to be bold with your hair-do also. The style helps the model be confident with their look. This hair trend is not going away any time soon.

Salon: Elegant Tresses
Stylist: Earlisia Torrence
Model: Skye
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Not only did Earlisia taper the side, but she was able to use her talents to layer the hairstyle as well. The shaved side sets a different tone to natural hairstyles. The rest of the style is created by softly curling her long flowing locks. The curls weren’t curled tight to allow them to flow freely. Her long soft curls draw you into the style. In fact, the rest of the hair is curled around the shaved sides. There are also long soft curls in the back too. This style can be worn with all types of hair lengths.

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Keep You Natural Hairstyles Healthy

You can maintain this style by curling it with rollers and wrapping it at night. Use a conditioner that will help your hair and scalp retain moisture at night along with a silk scarf. You’ll love the way your hair looks and feels after getting this style. The ends were slightly trimmed during the conditioning steps. The stylist was very detailed while shaving the side and created the curls to flow nicely in order to accent the models face. You can get the side recut as it grows in or keep it tapered to grow it back out. Discover how you can wear eye-catching natural hairstyles for your new look by contacting the stylist today.

Introducing Earlisia Torrence from Elegant Tresses in Winston-Salem, NC

The look was created by Earlisia Torrence from Elegant Tresses in Winston-Salem, NC. When you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, and keep your hair healthy at the same time, give Earlisia a call at (336) 725-6641 and let Earlisia create your next signature hairstyle.

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