How to Make Your Knotless Box Braids Look Like a Million Bucks

There is an allure to knotless box braids that harken back to ancient times. They take us back to a time of the Egyptians and other African dynasties. Knotless box braids are elegant and sleek. The uniform parts bring a sense of order to a bold hairstyle. Ta’Shara is a professional hairstylist located at Just Gorgeous Braids LLC in Charlotte, NC created this beautiful braids hairstyle using synthetic hair additions. The braids were added using a feed-in technique with gold accents for a flash of color.

Bold Knotless Box Braids

These knotless box braids were created using a feed-in method. Feed-in applications add the hair additions to your own natural hair. This technique is virtually tension-free when applied correctly. It’s a great way to add length to your hair without risking scalp damage from the additions being applied too tight. Ta’Shara added some gold accents throughout the hairstyle to add a sense of flash to the look. Synthetic hair was chosen for the hair additions because of their value and the fact that there wasn’t any need to add heat to the style.

Before Ta’Shara started on these knotless box braids she ensured that her model’s hair would stay healthy throughout the process. She gave her model a thorough deep cleansing shampoo. This not only removed any dirt particles and oily deposits in the hair, but it also replenished much-needed nutrients that will aid in the model’s hair growth.

Knotless Box Braids Look Good in Any Situation

The most attractive aspect of knotless box braids is their versatility. You can literally wear this hairstyle anywhere for any event. From the office to any special event, these braids are always a great alternative. Add to that, they will help your own hair stay healthy at the same time and you can see why this style has been so popular in the black community for such a long time.

Taking Care of Your Knotless Box Braids at Home

Ta’Shara recommends a simple regimen to her clients to keep their hair healthy and looking fabulous between salon visits. You should start with a dry shampoo at regular intervals to keep your hair and scalp clean. You should also use some natural oils and an edge gel every day to keep your hair moisturized and your edges in perfect order. Ta’shara also places her clients on a salon maintenance program. This plan will have her clients coming back to Ta’Shara every 4 weeks in order to replenish their hair with needed nutrients as well as give the client’s hair a deep cleanse.

Introducing Ta’Shara from Just Gorgeous Braids LLC in Charlotte, NC

Ta’Shara is one of the most sought-after professional hairstylists in the braids arena. She has earned a reputation for flawless hairstyles because of her passion for the industry and her artistic eye. Ta’Shara is located at Just Gorgeous Braids LLC, 9605 North Tryon St., Suite 112 in Charlotte, NC. Give her a call at (716) 449-2487 and let Ta’Shara create a stunning new knotless box braids hairstyle for you.

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