A Few Quick Tips for the Perfect Silk Press Hairstyle With Color

We’ve always known of the virtues of an elegant silk press hairstyle. Black women have been using heat to straighten their hair sine the days we were little girls. Professional hairstylist Morcia Bradley from Miracles Hair Salon in Columbia, SC has taken the classic silk press hairstyle to a new level with the addition of hair additions with a custom blend of copper ombre hair color. The human hair additions add volume to the hairstyle and the ombre color adds a touch of flash. These images showcase a beautiful silk press with color hairstyle that can easily be achieved…with the right help.

Stylist: Morcia Bradley
Salon: Miracle’s Hair Salon
Salon Phone: (907) 350-1003
Model: Morcia
Makeup: Chondra

Elegant Silk Press With Color Hairstyle

From the moment Morcia decided to spice up the classic silk press, she made the decision to make her work stand out. Starting with unprocessed virgin hair additions, Morcia created a customized hair color for this look. She lifted the hair additions color first. Using a professional lightener, Morcia removed the color from the ends of the hair additions. She then added a hair color formulation created specifically for this model. The color uses different hues of brown and copper and it was applied using an ombre technique. The end result is a dazzling jet-black hair color in the top, cascading into a beautiful copper color at the ends.

Morcia Bradley chose to use human hair additions because she knew this look would require heat. Human hair additions give your hairstylist more versatility when they are styling your hair. After the hair additions were applied, Morcia curled the ends to create a bouncy end to the silky straight hairstyle.

Silk Press Hairstyles Give the look Without the Chemicals

The most attractive aspect of this silk press with color hairstyle is that it gives the model the ability to have long flowing hair, without the need for harsh relaxers. A silk press hairstyle is perfect in today’s climate when so many Black fashionistas have chosen to go the natural route. This look wears well in any situation. It’s an all around hairstyle that can b worn daily of at any formal event.

Taking Care of This Silk Press With Color Hairstyle at Home

Morcia Bradly also gives us a few pointers on how to keep this beautiful silk press with color hairstyle looking “salon fresh” when you out and about. First she says that if you want a long, silky look, wrap your hair around your head at night and secure it with a silk or satin bonnet. For a curlier look, you could pin curl your hair and have a nice curly look in the mornings. Either way, just be sure to wrap the hair with a silk or satin bonnet.

Introducing Morcia Bradley from Miracles Hair Salon in Columbia, SC

Morcia Bradley is the professional hairstylist that created this silk press with a color hairstyle. She is located at Miracles Hair Salon, 6800 Shakespeare Rd. in Columbia, SC. Stop by the salon for an initial consultation and let Morcia start you on your journey to beautiful, healthy hair. You can also give her a call at (907) 350-1003.

A Few Quick Tips for the Perfect Silk Press Hairstyle With Color

  1. Use a professional hairstylists that can customize a color just for you

    Color deals with your hair’s base color which if different for each person. A professional hairstylist can crate the exact color you want based on your own natural hair color.

  2. Get a Protein Treatment Before Yor Service

    Silk press hairstyles require heat. therefore it’s always a good idea to get a protein treatment beforehand to ensure that your hair starts out with the proper nutrients

  3. Add Human Hair Extensions for Length and Volume

    Human hair extensions will help to add length and volume to your look. Make sure your hairstylist chooses the right texture for your curl pattern

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