Jackie Evans’ Naturally Divine Twist Set Hairstyle

Salon: All About You Hair Designs
Stylist: Jackie Evans
Model: Renae

Spunky African queen, we have one of the better black hairstyles for you: Renea. Get up! Stand up! Girl, it is your time. This natural beauty style takes advantage of your strong Black hair. This twist set spirals into the air like a royal crown. Be proud and show your strength to all around.

Your Afro can be curled upwards and tinted ever so slightly. Something about the Renea hearkens back to the 1970s when the Afro regained prominence. This is a great look for a creative artist, musician or young professional. Show you are moving on up with Renea.

This hairstyle was created by Peoria AZ cosmetologist Jackie Evans. You can see more of her work by clicking here…


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