Jacquard Daniels’ Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Salon: The Jman Experience Hair Studio
Stylist: Jacquard Daniels
Model: Katrice
Make Up: Deirdre Clay


A haircut speaks volumes about a person. It shows character, personality, and image. It is important to choose a cut that will not only look beautiful, but fits the structure of the face. A creative and wonderful looking haircut for black women is a bob. The bob haircut goes well with any type of facial structure and is an easy style to work with. Women who have thick hair will love this haircut. It is a great look with thick or thin hair. This cut is fun to have and is simple to create.
A bob haircut can be constructed in several different ways. An original bob style cut is easy to do. It consists of the hair being cut in one single length. This type of style will give the hair volume and maximum weight. If you have spit or dead ends; then you will want to fix that or it will be noticeable with this type of cut. The length of the bob can vary depending on the outcome you want to achieve. Medium and short bob cuts look beautiful and can enhance the shape of the face. To create the bob hair cut there are a few simple steps to perform.
The bob haircut can be completed on hair that is straight or curly. First shampoo and condition the hair. Let the hair either air dry naturally or use a blow dryer for a faster-drying process. To cut the hair, it is a good idea to use a solid pair of sharp cutting shears or scissors. A sharp hair razor can also be used to cut the hair in the bob style. Using this tool offers a shaping effect of the style cut you are achieving. You will also need hair ties to keep the hair separated while the hair is being cut. A good sturdy comb is needed to divide the hair into sections which will prepare it for the cutting process.
Decide on the length of bob cut that you would like before the cutting process begins. If you wear your hair parted on the side, then it would be best to part the hair before you begin. This will allow you to wear the part as normal and allow the bob cut to look even and natural. Use the hair clips to divide the hair into three different sections. The three sections will consist of one on each side of the head and one in the back. The hair clip at the back should not be too tight because you will need to move this up and down during the cutting process. The back hair clip should rest on the neck.
Start cutting the back section of the hair. This part is when you may need to move the clip up or down depending on the length you desire. Use sharp cutting scissors to cut the back part of the hair at the desired length. Cut slowly across the back clip for a nice even looking cut. If you need to use the hair clippers be sure to hold it evenly and make sure the cut is straight.
Once the back section is straight, undo the clip and release the hair. Next, undo the side clips and release the hair on the side of your head. This hair will be longer and able to see what needs to be cut. Take the hair trimmer and cut the sides to the length you are wanting for the bob haircut. If you want a straight bob look; take the trimmer and run up the ends of the side hair to shape the tips. This will allow the sides to be lined up with the back section of the hair. You can also add thickness to your bob cut by adding soft layers if desired. The last step is to contour and blend the hair. This will alleviate any stray hairs that may be lingering. Once you have completed these steps take a second look to ensure all hair is trimmed properly.
To have a professional create the lovely bob cut style you can contact Jacquard Daniels. The bob cut style is a fantastic way to spruce up your style and make you feel like a new woman. This is a luxurious hair style for black women. The bob cut is easy to maintain and only takes a few minutes to style.

This beautiful hairstyle was created by cosmetologist Jacquard Daniels from The Iman Experience Hair Studio in Darlington, SC. Give him a call at (803) 260-0822.


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