Short Curly Hairstyle from Lawan Cummings-Neely


Salon: 3D’z Hair Salon
Stylist: Lawan Cummings-Neely
Model: Nikki
Make Up: Iris Sinclair

A hairstyle can express the type of person we are or want to be. It offers a uniqueness about our personality. There are numerous hairstyles that look good but one, in particular, is becoming popular. Short curly hairstyles are trending and look amazing with virtually any face structure. This type of haircut is fun, manageable, and flirty. There are several different styles that can be achieved with this haircut and it has great potential for creativity. A woman who chooses to have her hair cut in the short curly style; will find out it only takes a few minutes to manage in the mornings. This style looks beautiful and sexy with little maintenance.

To achieve the short curly hair; there are a few minor steps to complete. First, you will need to shampoo and condition the hair for a clean scalp. You can let the hair dry on its own or use a blow dryer for a faster approach. Before you begin the cutting process it is best to know the exact shortness that you would like to achieve.

The back and sides of the hair can be cut shorter than the top. This allows the top to be a little bit longer which will allow for longer curls. To begin cutting the hair you can use either a sharp pair of scissors or a sharp hair trimmer. Section off the hair into smaller sections while cutting; this will allow for a more accurate and even cut. Once the sides and back are cut to the desired length; you can begin with top front of the hair. The top can also be cut into smaller sections for a more reliable trim. The length can vary depending on your preference.
For naturally curly hair, this cut will maximize the curls. If your hair is coarse; then you can add gel to the hair to keep the curls in place for a more natural look. For hair that is naturally straight, you can add curl for a fuller style. It would be best to use a smaller curling iron to curl the back and sides of the hair. Using a smaller curling iron will give the short hair a better-looking curl that is tight and realistic. The curls will want to be evenly distributed and go in the same direction. Take the strands of hair and curl inward towards the scalp. The smaller sections of hair that you use; the more layer of small curls you will have.

The longer hair on top can also be curled with a curling iron. Depending on how long you have the top also depends on the size curling iron to use. Divide the hair into sections and begin curling. You have the curls going under for a fascinating look. This type of curl can bring more attention to your face. Once your short curly hairstyle is complete; you can spritz the curls to help them keep their shape.
There are salons that specialize in short haircuts and give you the short curly hairstyle that you would like. This particular short curly hairstyle was a masterpiece created by Lawan Cummings-Neely. The black hairstyles are not only beautiful but can be contoured for any type of special occasions. This new look will have everybody noticing and complimenting your magnificent hair. Give Lawan a call at (803) 367-6166 in order to book your next appointment.


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