Lacey Singleton’s Natural Puff with a Twist Hairstyle

Lacey Singleton’s Natural Puff with a Twist Hairstyle


This is one of many beautiful black hairstyles that is a great option for kids who want to look charming without spending hours in front of the mirror. 

To achieve this style, first part your hair down the middle and leave an equal amount of hair on either side. Gather a small amount of hair above the right temple and twist it. As you twist, gently gather more hair along the hairline, and continue to twist, working your way down. When you reach the ear-lobe, stop adding more hair, but twist what you already have into a rope-like strand. 

Have someone hold the twisted strand as you repeat the same process on the left side of your head. 

Finally, take both twisted strands from either side of your head, and loop them together in a loose knot at the back. Using bobby-pins, tightly secure the knot.

Brush your loose hair and then head out to enjoy your fantastic style!

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