Paulette Edwards’ Long Hairstyle for Kids – Twisted Half Updo


This hairstyle is a version of the twisted half updo, and is great for a kide who likes long hairstyles! It is also one of the best black hairstyles for kids. To create this style, follow the steps below. 

Items needed: Brush, comb, clip or bobby pin for holding hair while working, hair tie that matches hair color.

1. Brush hair straight into a center part.
2. On the right side of the head, place a comb about ½” back from the hairline and run it down the hair from the part to the ear. 
3. Starting at the root of the hair, closes to the part, begin twisting the hair in a backwards motion. That is, towards you if you are standing behind the head being worked on. As you twist, continue adding the untwisted hair along the hairline to the twist working in a downward motion towards the ear. When you reach the ear, continue twisting the strand firmly until all of the hair is included in the twist.
4. Twist the hair gently and pin it in place to hold while working with the other side of hair.
5. Repeat step two on the left side of the head.
6. Repeat step three on the left side of the head.
7. Remove the pin from the right twist, and pull both twists together at the back of the head, joining them into one ponytail-type twist.
8. Wind the hair tie as snugly as possible at the top of the ponytail around the joined twists. Don’t wind too tightly.
9. Comb the free strands and spray lightly to hold stray hairs in place.


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