Layered Bob Haircut on Natural Hair from Fredricka Taylor in Sumpter, SC

Natural hairstyles are growing in popularity every day. Fredricka Taylor from F and D Professional Salon in Sumpter, SC gave this model a polished, relaxed look without the use of chemicals. Fredricka uses a silk press technique, along with a custom hair color to create this layered bob haircut on natural hair. This mid-length hairstyle features a precision haircut as well as the custom hair color mentioned before. The different techniques combine to create an edgy carefree look that will turn heads at any event.

Stylist: Fredricka Taylor
Salon: F and D Professional Beauty Salon, Sumter, SC
Salon Ph: (803) 389-6014
Model: Alvajah
Make Up: Ursula Kershaw

Fredricka’s Professional Techniques Generate Professional Results

While this hairstyle is designed to look effortless to the eye, it is a rather complicated process to achieve. There are so many ways an untrained individual could do permanent damage to someone’s hair trying to mimic this technique. We strongly suggest utilizing the services of a professional hairstylist like Fredricka Taylor.

The hair color process alone requires special attention in order to get a true jet-black hue. The hairstylists must consider the client’s undertones when they are choosing the correct base to use. The bob haircut is also very intricate. Fredricka considered the model’s facial structure, her personality and her lifestyle when she created this cut. Trying to place this haircut on a model with different characteristics will not give you the same results. Finally, you must consider the amount of heat needed to create this layered bob haircut on natural hair. Too much heat could lead to burnt ends which could damage the hair cuticles and lead to breakage. The best way to own a hairstyle as intricate as this layered bob haircut on natural hair is to trust your hair to the services of a trusted professional like Fredricka Taylor from F and D Professional Salon in Sumter, SC.

At Home Maintenance

When Fredricka Taylor designed this hairstyle, she made sure her model would be able to maintain this look between salon visits. Taking care of this layered bob haircut on natural hair. Is as simple as using a vent brush every night to control static. You should also wrap your hair every night with a silk or satin bonnet to contain moisture. Fredricka also recommends regular salon visits for a deep cleansing maintenance routine including a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Introducing Fredricka Taylor from F and D Professional Salon in Sumpter, SC

As we said before, this beautiful layered bob haircut on natural hair. Fredricka is a professional hairstylist located at F and D Professional Salon at 556 S Pike W, in Sumter, SC. F and D has a long reputation for delivering high-quality hair services for a diverse clientele. F and D is also one of the few places where each hairstylist utilizes a personal suite that gives their clients a level of privacy that they enjoy. Fredricka is a nationally published hairstylist whose work has appeared in some of the largest black hair publications in America. Give Fredricka a call at (803) 773-9487 and let her create a new look for you that perfectly matches your lifestyle and personality.

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How Do you Take Care of Your Bob Haircut at Home

  1. Use a Vent Brush Every Night

    A vent brush will reduce the static buildup in your hair

  2. Wrap Your Hair at Night

    Use a silk or satin wrap or bonnet to wrap your hair at night to help lock-in moisture

  3. Create a Regular Salon Maintenance Program

    Keeping your hair clean is essential. Set up a maintenance routine with your professional hairstylist that includes a deep cleanse with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

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