Hot Shaved Twist Out Hairstyle from Rasheeda Clark in Charleston, SC

This elegant twist out hairstyle was created by Charleston, SC professional hairstylist Rasheeda Clark. The style was created on the client’s relaxed hair using a barber cut technique around the sides and a vibrant semi-permanent red hair color also. The highlight of this hairstyle is the beautiful twist out curl pattern that gives the impression of a carefree personality. While this hairstyle is designed to be low maintenance, it is a great look for any type of event. You can rock this look in any boardroom or elegant night on the town.

Stylist: Rasheeda Clark
Salon: Samiyah’s Hair Salon, Charleston SC
Model: Dominique
Makeup: Ursula Kershaw

Twist Out Hairstyle

Rasheeda Clark from Samiyah’s Hair Salon in Charleston, SC created this nice short hairstyle using a twist out curl pattern technique. The curl pattern gives the impression of a careless and carefree lifestyle, but with the barber cut sides and the vibrant hair color, it’s obvious this hairstyle was designed to stand out. The twist out was created using professional products and techniques by Rasheeda and it shows. She used a foam setting lotion instead of a gel in order to keep her client’s hair soft, manageable, and protect from flaking. Rasheeda’s artistic eye and professional techniques make this twist out hairstyle look so effortless also.

To achieve the perfect hair texture for this hairstyle, Rasheeda gave her client a partial relaxer. The combination of a relaxer technique and a custom hair color could be very dangerous to an untrained professional. If your hairstylist isn’t educated on the proper procedures to achieve a safe hair color and relaxer, they could over-process your hair which could lead to damage and hair falling out also. Therefore, it’s always best to trust something as precious as your hair to the hands of a trusted professional like Rasheeda Clark from Samiyah’s Hair Salon in Charleston, SC.

Custom Hair Color from Rasheeda Clark

Another exciting feature of this shaved twist out hairstyle is the custom hair color created by Rasheeda Clark. Rasheeda lifted her client’s natural hair color and then added a semi-permanent, vibrant red color over top also. Rasheeda created this specific hue of red specifically for this client. It was chosen to match the client’s expectations, personality, and lifestyle. The bright red hair color helps to enhance the movement in the hair created by the twist-out curl pattern also.

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At-Home Maintenance Routine for Twist Out Hairstyle

To take care of this shaved twist out hairstyle at home, Rasheeda recommends using some sort of daily moisturizer and wrapping the hair every night with a silk or satin bonnet or scarf also. Run your fingers through your hair in the mornings and you are ready to go. With proper care, Rasheeda says this style should last around one and a half weeks. Rasheeda Clark ensured that it would be easy to maintain along with being drop-dead gorgeous.

Introducing Rasheeda Clark from Samiyah’s Hair Salon in Charleston, SC

Rasheeda Clark is a professional hairstylist in Charleston, SC. Her work has appeared in some of the most prestigious publications in the black hair industry. She is passionate about the hair care industry and this shows through in the attention to detail that she gives to all her clients. Rasheeda is located at Samyah’s Hair Salon, 2527 Savannah Hwy, Suite – A, in Charleston, SC. Stop by the salon or give Rasheeda a call at (843) 571-2673 and let her create a special look for you.

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