Layered Curly Pincurl Bob Hairstyle from Deedra McLeod

If you want a truly gorgeous and glamorous look, let’s talk about the bob hairstyles for black women that are sweeping across the country at all the high end salons. We’ve gone straight to the leading salons and discovered the real deal about black hairstyles for women. Women across the country are interested in a more feminine look. The updated layered curly pin curl bob is the choice for women that would like to change up their style just a bit. In addition, our model’s crown is highlighted with a beautiful golden blond. We are going to look at a way to create this gorgeous look just for you.

Get The Color
First, we suggest adding that gorgeous blond highlight to your own hair before attempting to complete the hairstyle. Always try to select a color that compliments your skin tone. Take the easy route and apply a temporary hair color spray in golden blond. If you are highlighting or coloring the hair yourself, make sure that you read all the directions included on the package that contained the highlighting treatment. Otherwise, it is best to have a professional perform this task to prevent damage to the hair. Perform this task a few days before the layered curly pin curl bob. Gather together the items that are needed for the task. A comb, brushes, bowl, towels, clips.
– Part the crown of the head, sectioning off the hair. Use clips to section the hair together.
– Take strands of hair and a brush to paint the highlights on the hair on the crown of the head. Stagger the highlights across the top of the crown, section by section, until you get the look desired.

Salon: Beautiful U
Stylist: Deedra Mcleod
Model: Nicole
Make Up: Deirdre Clay


Layered Curly Pin Curl Bob
This is a great look for medium length hair. It might be a bit difficult with very short hair. The items required to create this look include:
-A comb
-Bobby Pins
-Flat iron
-Hair Moisturizer
-Hair Sheen
-Hair Gel

First, hair should be flat ironed or chemically straightened. Next, the entire head is going to be pin curled. Part the hair on one side and comb the excess hair and crown hair to the right side. Section the hair on the left and clip. Section the hair on the right and clip. All of the pin curls are rolled downward toward the shoulders.
-Make two rows of pin curls on the left side. Pin curl on the right toward the face, pin curls in back.
-Make sure that you make the part like the one in the picture before beginning the process.
-Use a thick and creamy hair moisturizer or a hair gel on the hair before getting started to, hold the curls.

Creating Pin Curls
-Take a small 1 inch section of the hair and twist into a loop with your fingers.
-Keep rolling the loop up into a spiral until you reach the scalp.
-Pin the hair down with a bobby pin, against the scalp.
-Keep repeating the same steps until the entire head of hair is pinned down to the scalp.
-Let the hair dry and then remove all the bobby pins.
-Take your fingers or a comb and gently release the curls and form into a layered curly pin curl bob style like the one that is on the model in the picture. Use a mirror to watch your progress or ask a friend to help with arranging and styling the curls.
-Take your time styling the hair. Finger comb the curls into the bob look, until satisfied with the look.
-Complete the look with your favorite hair sheen for extra shine or a hair gel for firmer hold.

The bob hairstyles for black women are traditional black hairstyles for women that will probably never go out of style.

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