Edgy Bang Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle from Deedra McLeod

Some hairstyles are staples in the beauty industry since they have been worn by women in many past generations. In fact, moms and their daughters may find that their high school pictures look relatively the same. Specifically, if they have sported the bob at any point in time. From mid length to short hair, the bob can be styled in several different ways. However, there is a classic look that many women favor. So, if you are always busy or on the go, you may use this style to complete to always remain fresh and stylish. Specifically, because this style suits most facial types and you can easily create this style yourself.


Hair: Deedra McLeod / Salon: Beautiful U / Model: Angela

Supplies Needed:


wrapping lotion

styling strips

rat tail comb

hooded dryer

marcel irons




Step 1: Shampoo

Shampoo your hair. It is much easier to manipulate hair that is free of product. So make sure your scalp is clean before styling. You may also take this time to detangle your hair if needed.


Step 2: Wrap

Wrap your hair. Apply wrap setting lotion to your entire head. Part your hair across the top of your head starting from one of your ears to the next. Start at one side and take this parted section and comb it forward and towards your other ear. Smooth the hair in this direction around your entire head, keeping hair away from your forehead. Secure your hair with styling strips.


Step 3: Dry

Sit beneath a hooded dryer. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you should sit from an hour to an hour and a half. Just remember that it’s very important that your hair be completely dry before you start the curling process. Damp hair has a tendency to crinkle and you could damage your hair while curling it. So be sure to test your hair before applying heat to it.


Step 4: Curl

Comb your hair out. Section your hair off into 4 parts and gradually work your way through each by passing your curler through the hair. Keep in mind that you only want to “bump” the hair, so be sure to use one of your larger curling irons so that the curl is not too tight. The bigger your curling iron, the more volume you will be able to achieve.


Note: It’s important that you test your curler on a piece of tissue paper before curling your hair. If it burns the tissue paper, then it will burn your hair. So give your Marcel irons time to cool down before making contact with the hair.



Step 5: Comb Through and Add Sheen

Use your rat tail comb to comb through your hair. You can also use your brush to smooth down any areas that have more volume than others. After you have a achieved your desired look, take your sheen and spray your hair to give it a little shine and polish. Just be careful not to add to much sheen to your hair. It has the tendency to weigh the hair down and may affect the integrity of your curl.


As you can see, the bob is one of the easiest black hairstyles to do on your own. All it takes is being equipped with the proper supplies. With a little patience and a small investment of your time, you should be well on your way to your perfect, new look.

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