Long Curly Hair Extensions from Marie Coleous

Salon: Godly Image Hair Studio
Stylist: Marie Coleus
Model: Tytianna
Make Up: Marie Coleus

Are you looking for a new hairstyle that makes you feel red-carpet stunning? Looks unbelievably realistic? Like, “I grew this since I was a baby” realistic? Get these Long Curly Hair Extensions created by hairstylist, Marie Coleous from Godly Image Hair Studio in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. This beautiful look features soft, manageable hair extensions with defined curls. The style uses reusable hair that enables you to show-off a realistic invisible-part.
It was created with crochet braids. Crochet braids are a good option because t he application process is far quicker than that of a traditional sew-in, box braids, or even twists. There is a minimal stress to your scalp because all you’re doing is looping on synthetic hair onto your already braided hair–no pressure or pulling required, which makes this a great protective style.
A simple step crochet is braiding your hair into cornrows that fit the braid pattern of your choice. Then slide an open latch hook, also known as a crochet needle into the first braid. Next, you take the hair and fold it to your desired length. If you want short hair, keep the ends even. If you prefer the hair a little longer, separate the ends where one side is longer than the other. Now you have to loop the hair into the hook and close the latch securely. Then, you gently slide the hook back underneath the braids.
When the hook has been removed, take to fingers to create an opening at the loop, twist the end of the hair and pull through the loop twice. Finally, separate the hair into two parts, tie and secure tightly. Repeat these steps throughout the braid pattern till its full.
Following the steps previously stated, you can end up with extensions that blend-in with most African-American hair types. Curls like this are especially manageable with hair that has been pre-curled with a twist-out or bantu-knot-out if you use leave out instead of the traditional part. With-the correct technique the hair can be worked into an invisible side part or middle part.
This hair can serve as a go-to hairstyle for anyone since its realistic, affordable, amazing texture, reusable, and worth your money. Maria Coleous of Godly Image Hair Studio absolutely slayed this hairstyle and with this hair everyone will also envy your new tresses.

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