“Spring Time Curls” Dreadlocks from Tonisha Kenty

Salon: Lady T’s Lovely Loc’s
Stylist: Tonisha Kenty
Model: Tunisia
Make Up: Lori Miles

The fact is that a lot of women are considering a more natural way to wear their hair. This is also a great way to give the hair a rest from harsh chemicals and constant styling. Dreadlocks and sisterlocks are gaining great popularity among black hairstylists across the country. It is one of the most requested looks for the warmer weather. However, going natural during any season is also an option for most women considered about improving the condition of their hair. Let’s take a closer look at this hairstyle.

Spring Time Curls Dreadlocks Styling
Dreadlocks curls are a very beautiful and creative way to wear dreadlocks. It is a fun way to show your style and sense of fashion to the world. Today, the modern take on the dreadlock is making a big splash among famous athletes and celebrities in general. The natural hairstyle is also gaining great popularity with the public in general. However, obtaining the perfect look might require professional assistance. Still, many adventurous and creative women might like to try their own hand at attaining this natural style with dreadlocks.

Start with natural dreadlocks that are clean and conditioned. Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner to start the whole process. Obtain dreadlock styling gel or wax at your local hair salon or beauty supply store. Use the gel or wax to twist the hair into dreadlocks. Here is how to get started. Take 2 strands of your hair and twist them together. Add the gel or wax to seal the dreads together. Continue in this fashion, until the entire head of hair is completed. Next, take a strand and twist into a curl, use a hair clip to pin down. Continue this process over the entire head. Spray the hair with setting lotion. Let set. Take out the hair-clips and arrange in a similar fashion to the model’s hair in the picture. Take your time and work slowly around the head. Spray with hair sheen to finish the look.

This is a gorgeous natural dreadlocks that has a long history. Similar styles were worn by the ancients and the style still maintains great popularity. This unique style was created by Tonisha Kenty from Lady T’s Lovely Locs in Crestview, FL. Phone number (850) 543-8932. Contact the salon for more information on this hairstyle.

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