Long, Curly “Sexy Goddess” Hairstyle from Kania Mazyck

Salon: Sew Beautiful Hair Studio
Stylist: Kania Mazyck
Model: Breya
Make Up: Tierra Nicole

Kania Mazyck, a professional hairstylist from Sew Beautiful Hair Studio in Charleston, SC, shows us just how regalhair extensions can be with long, loose curls. And despite its elegant appearance, this style is not hard to duplicate. Let’s talk about what you need to do to recreate this style at home.

What You Will Need:

Rat Tail Comb
Hooded Dryer
Marcel Irons
Light Oil
Claw Comb
Styling Gel
Wrap Strips

Step 1: Shampoo and Condition
Wash you hair. Make sure to detangle and remove all knots. Condition your hair to make sure it is soft and manageable.

Step 2: Apply Moose and Wrap
Apply a liberal amount of foam moose to your hair. How much you apply will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. However, you should make sure to wipe away any excess as too much will leave a white residue when it has completely dried. Create a part at the front of your head and then begin to wrap your hair around your head, counter clockwise. Make sure that your hair is molded as close to the scalp as possible.After you are sure that your hair is secure, add a little extra security by wrapping a wrap strip tightly around your head. You can hold the strip in place by tucking the end of it underneath, making sure not to interfere with how smooth the hair is.

Step 3: Dry
Sit beneath a hooded dry for an hour and a half to two hours. Try to avoid hitting your head against the hood or touching it until you know that the hair is dry. Working with damp hair will only cause the hair to crinkle and your finished look won’t be as polished.

Step 4: Curl
Curl your hair in vertical patterns. Make sure you use the largest marcel iron you have. The larger your iron, the more loose the curl. This is also means that you will have more volume. Start at the base of your neck and wrap your hair around the marcel iron, making sure its not too tight. The goal is to “bump” the hair, not form tights curls.

Step 5: Create A Part and Sheen
Create part at the front of your head and slick down the edges with pro styling gel. Take a quarter size amount of oil in your hair and rub it through the hair. Make sure not too add to much as this will only weigt the hair down and take away from your volume.

Step 6: Style
Use you claw comb to create your own designs. While creating different patterns, make sure you don’t comb too roughly over your curls. Simply use them as a guide.

This is only one of many creative things you can do with your long hair. However, if you are not as experienced with working with this length, it never hurts to consult professionals. If you enjoy the Kania Mazyck from Sew Beautiful Hair Studio, like wearing long hairstyles or simply would like to get more ideas for you black hairstyles, then you should contact this Kania at (843) 817-5696.

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