Natural Blue Sapphire Blowout from Paulette Edwards

Salon: Ultimate Creations
Stylist: Paulette Edwards
Model: Alexis
Make Up: Tierra Nicole

When looking at some of the most desirable black hairstyles, the natural blue sapphire blowout is gaining popularity. It is ideal for individuals who love long hairstyles that are not only stylish but also outstanding. This hairstyle from Paulette Edwards is also adventurous courtesy of its hair color. The blue sapphire stands out despite its toned down complexion. It is ideal for every occasion you can think of. It seeks to bring out your best features. This hairstyle is chic and slick and works just great with several skin tones. The blue sapphire blends in well with the black extension to also give a natural look that will leave heads turning.

Step-by-step Guide
Individuals looking to create this hairstyle will find the following step-by-step guide helpful. It is recommended for individuals with medium or long hair length. Before you get started, you are required to purchase one black curly extension and other blue sapphire one.


Thoroughly wash your hair with a mild shampoo
Rinse your hair to ensure no shampoo residue is left
Blow-dry your hair leaving it straight and silky

Creating the natural sapphire blowout

At the crown of your head, part a section of your hair

This hairstyle does not originate from the center of your head. Part section of your hair at the crown as you ensure it takes a more side cut. You can choose which side works best for you. Ensure that the segmented hair is not to thin or too thick. You need just enough to blend it in with the extension leaving in a flawless feel.

Tie it together

Tie the segmented hair together and ensure you hold it up so that it does not mix with the rest of the hair.

Plait some lines with the rest of the hair

Plait some neat lines with the hair you did not hold up. Do not make them too big so that they can last longer. This will provide the ideal sections to attach the extensions.

Attach the extensions

It is time to attach the extensions so as to leave the desired effect. At the bottom half of your head, attach the black colored extension. At the top half, attach the blue sapphire extension. Being at the top ensures the color stands out.

Drop the held up hair at the crown

Once you have attached the extensions, you can let down the hair at the crown. Provide a side cut so that it does not fall at the center. The side cut provides a more stylish and fancy appearance. Ensure that the hair falls on either side. One side should be able to fall and cover part of your face.

Comb down the hair. Tong it depending on your preference and oil it to give that shine. The length allows you to let it down or style it and hold it up.

It is however recommended that you seek professional services to help obtain the best results. This hairstyle is a creation of Paulette Edwards. You can find this stylist in Beaufort SC. The best option will be for you to contact her and book and appointment through Ultimate Creations Phone number (843) 522-2939.

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