Long Curly Weave Hairstyle with Hair Color from Velesia Screen

World of Curls

Pump up the volume! Curls, curls and more curls make this look sexy!! Stylist Velescia from Michea’s Salon has taken beautiful volumes of curls to the next level. Big hair is back and better than ever. The soft ringlets of this of this style is a classic play on volume. Velescia has made a timeless and understated beauty with parting options! The lovely model is wearing a leave out installation. Using an invisible track method, Velescia blends the model’s hair with the commercial hair is a magical way. 

Salon: Michae’s Hair Salon
Stylist: Velesia Screen
Model: Erika
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Beautiful Hair Additions

What is more classic than layers of bouncy brown curls? Feminine oozes from this look with sexy spiral ringlets. Deep browns are the concentration here. I would call this reverse ombre from dark brown to brown, both trendy and hot! The secret to this style’s appeal is that the hair addition is added in such a way that you still have full hair versatility. Although this is a master blend of commercial hair with the model’s hair for the leave-out, the natural blend is perfect. Most stylist will do a leave out on the top of the hair to allow for frontal parting and changes, Velescia has hidden the hair addition in between the tracks. That is the natural look that we have longed for!

Introducing Velesia Screen

You can reach the talented stylist, Velescia through contacting Michea’s Salon. Michea’s will offer you a welcoming environment, with top notch skills. Walk-ins are certainly welcomed, but for speediest results, an appointment is preferred. Your appointment can be made two different ways for your convenience. You book your appointment via salon or visit universalsalons.com to schedule your consultation or appointment!

They say what is real can be tested with time! And big hair and big curls have certainly withstood the test. Not only has this style stood the test of time, but it has stuck around with a vengeance, and is still relevant today!  Book your slot with Velescia right now and enjoy the transformation!

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