Long Custom Wig with Highlights from Denise Granberry

Custom Wig Designs

The Bold and Beautiful should be the name of the sassy creation by Denise Granberry. This shoulder length bob is well coveted in the hair world. The loose and chic spirals set this style apart from the ordinary. Want to know a surprise? This is a wig that this beautiful model is sporting! This vision that custom- wig stylist, Denise, had for this vision was sexy and edgy. There are many contributing factors to the success of this look, the hair quality, style of hair, color and the edgy wow factor are just to name a few.  

Salon: Global Tresses
Stylist: Denise Granberry
Model: Denise
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Denise Granberry, Designer and Entrepreneur

We all have different taste. The great thing about this lovely creation is that regardless of your quick mood change, outfit change, or hair change needs, this unit is easy to install quickly. The hair choice is definitely a win! Bonus; not only does she customize and sell the hair, she also retails the hair for your purchase! Chosen to shine in this style is a softly- curled shoulder length choice. This in itself may be a simple look, but when you couple it with the red-family highlights, then you have versatile fun! To add to the options, Denise is a custom wig maker! She will tailor your wig to your style and needs. 

Introducing Global Tresses Hair Salon

Stylist and custom wig designer, Denise Granberry, works in Global Tresses Salon located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. As an experienced cosmetologist and designer wig maker, Denise takes care of you whether your wig needs are medically related, cosmetically needed, or if you are just like many of us women, you are just ready for a change! Global Tresses Salon is respected for reasonable prices, outstanding work, skill and a great atmosphere. Denise is no exception to the good reputation of the salon. For your best in and out experience, it is recommended to try to schedule all consultations and services in advance: however, walk-ins are more than welcome! For your convenience, easily contact to schedule your visit via salon number, walk-in, or UniversalSalons.com. Your experience will not only be pleasant, but dare I say, addictive! Make your way in today for your new summer look, or your big switch!

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