Long Flowing Ginger Red Hairstyle from Ashley Timms


October / 2014

Long Flowing Ginger Red Hairstyle from Ashley Timms


Salon: Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology / Greenville, SC
Stylist: Ashley Timms
Model: Ashley
Make Up: Ashley Garland

Are you looking for long hairstyles? Specifically long hairstyles with red hair color? These images show how versatile this cut and shade of red can be. The red hair color works with any skin color to bring out the important features in one’s face. It’s a great length and cut for thicker and textured hair so that it holds the wave. Depending on the person, this hairstyle can also work in any shade of blonde, or browns. No matter where you part your hair, this style works. It’s an effervescent, style that lays perfectly and nicely frames a pretty face.

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