Red Carpet Whimsical Updo Hairstyle from Jennie Kasbohm


October / 2014

Red Carpet Whimsical Updo Hairstyle from Jennie Kasbohm


Salon: Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology / Garners ferry Rd.
Stylist: Jennie Kasbohm
Model: Bethannie
Make Up: Maranda Williams

1. Create this luscious look by teasing hair at roots. Separate hair into four sections around crown. Use curling iron while focusing on the ends of the hair. Flip head over and gently scrunch with a curl gel. Set with hairspray. 

2. Finger wave hairstyles are all the rage. While hair is slightly damp apply curling gel. Allow hair to dry thoroughly before curling. Start with the first layer of hair three inches away from the scalp. Lay curling iron horizontally, Wrap the hair towards the head. Move down the hair shaft, alternating the direction in which the hair is wrapped around the iron. 

3. Use gentle curls all over the head to create a sleek and sophisticated look. While setting bangs to frame the face, gather hair behind the ear and gently pin back. Take top section of hair around the crown and tease gently to add volume.

4. Updo’s can be great for a special event. Start by pinning bangs back for a slight poof. Lift hair under poof gently with a long and thin makeup brush to the desired height. Gather the already curled hair back into three small sections at the neck. Wrap hair into small ringlets and pin to head. 

5. Hairstyles to take you from day to night. Start by framing the face with curls. Part the hair down the middle and tease for slight volume. Pull out curls with a wide-tooth comb and set with hairspray.

6. Take a face framing section of hair at the scalp and gently twist back to the ear. Pin under the top half of hair. Use a curling iron held vertically and wrap hair away from face. Maintain smaller sections for tighter ringlets.

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