Long Hairstyle with Curls and Color from Ursula Kershaw

Salon: The Studio
Stylist: Ursula Kershaw
Model: Lorette
Make Up: Tierra Nichole

Black hairstyles range from short and natural to long hairstyles with bouncy curls. A lot of women wonder about those gorgeous long locks seen on runway models or famous celebrities. Are they natural? Well, the fact is that they are hair extensions. That’s right. Those loose curls cascading down that model or famous celebrities back are fabulous fakes that look so real that only their stylist knows for certain that they are extensions. Check out this look. It is cute and sexy. The look wascreated by Ursula Kershaw from The Studio in North Charleston, SC. Phone number (843) 364-4049.

Step 1
Gather together the hair-styling tools for this hair-style. They include shampoo, conditioner, styling comb, hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, clip in long human hair extensions, hair moisturizing spray, and hair holding spray. Make sure that the hair is freshly shampooed and conditioned before going further. Use your favorite products or those that are suitable for your hair type. For example, hair products suitable for dry hair or suitable for oily hair.

Step 2
Spray a hair conditioning moisturizer on the hair and blow dry. Straighten the hair with the blow dryer or a flat iron. Those with chemically straightened hair might like to avoid the flat iron. Treat hair gently at this step. Take your time and do not rush through the process.

Step 3
The fact is that a lot of long black hairstyles incorporate hair extensions to create those oh so sexy loose curls. The long hair look with plenty of loose, bouncy curls is a very hot trend that is not about to slow down. The look is gorgeous on a teen to a more mature, foxy lady.

Step 4
Divide the hair into sections. For example, make a part on the right side or the left side of the head and the back of the crown. Add clip on extensions to the head in the same pattern as the model’s hair design. Comb your own hair over the extension connection point to create a more natural look.

Step 5
Take a 1 inch curling iron and curl the hair extension completely in spiral shaped curls. Use a flat iron to smooth the edges of your own hair and blend into the sides. Take a styling comb and arrange the loose curls around the head naturally, like the model in the picture. Spray with a holding hair spray to complete the sexy look.

This is one of those cute and fabulous black hairstyles that really gets noticed. However, long hairstyles take more maintenance and require a professional touch. Get expert results with the creator of this style Ursula Kershaw from The Studio in North Charleston, SC. Phone number (843) 364-4049.

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