Natural Goddess Kiddie Braids Hairstyle from Lacey Singleton

Salon: Upscale Hair Salon
Stylist: Lacey Singleton
Model: Kaitlin
Make Up: Ursula Kershaw

When it comes to looking good, your hair must stand out. This is no different for young girls and kids. Savannah hair salons have made it their business to ensure that your young girl’s hair is looking beautiful and outstanding. While many think that there is little one can do with a kids hair, there are several kid’s hairstyles one can explore. One of the most popular black hairstyles for kids is the natural goddess kiddie braids hairstyle. Though it is simple, which makes it comfortable for kids, it is classy, unique, and beautiful. Whether it is an event you will be attending with her or she is simply looking forward for playtime, this hairstyle should be a consideration.

Step-by-Step Guide
The following step-by-step guide will guide you through creating this hairstyle in the right manner in an effort to bring out the best results. It is ideal for medium as well as long hair. Before getting started, it is important to note that you must purchase one pack of braids to help you achieve the desired look.


Thoroughly and gently, wash her hair with a mild shampoo that is gentle for a kid’s skin.
Using warm water, rinse off the shampoo until none is left
Blow-dry her hair to entangle it thus leaving it straight
Segment the braids into a few separate pieces

Creating the natural goddess kiddie braids hairstyle

Divide the hair into two, from top to bottom

Originating from the side, create a cut down to the bottom. However, rather than make a straight cut, make it a zigzag design.

Gather it towards the edges

With the hair divided into two, you are required to comb the two portions on their opposite ends. Ensure that the division remains distinct.

Using the braids, start plaiting a line

Gather one of the braids and ensure that they are even in size. The size should not be small or too big in an effort to ensure that it remains proportional to that of her head. Start the line from the right end where you started making the cut from. Using the braids, plait a line that will start from the right front and go round the edge, plaiting the loose end hair you combed. Ensure that you capture every piece of hair to avoid loose lines. Do the same with the left side of the hair.

Fasten the ends of the lines

Once the lines are complete, it is time to fasten them by neatly stitching them at the back. Ideally, you can use a hair ribbon or bow to hold them together.

It is recommended that you work with a professional stylist when looking to obtain the best results while at the same time ensuring that she is not strained. You can contact the creator of this kid hairstyle is Lacey Singleton and you can find her at Upscale Hair Salon in Savannah, GA. To help you reach her easily, you can contact her through her phone number (912) 232-5206 to book an appointment.

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