Long Infusion Sew-In Weave from Yolanda Turner

When you feel like you need a little pick me up, then getting long hair is certainly something that should be on the table. A new infusion sew-in weave can leave you feeling super sexy. You will get the long hair that you dream of, without the hassle of growing it out.

Salon: Crown of Glory
Stylist: Yolanda Turner
Model: Nicolette
Makeup: Crystal Dickson

Infusion Sew-In Weave Technique

So, forget short hairstyles and go with an infusion sew-in weave hairstyle instead. You will be feeling great as your hair falls down your back. Also, you can finally do your hair in all sorts of styles that only work for long hair. For example, this top knot bun that the model sports. This bun looks best with long hair so you have plenty of volume to work with.

Long Hairstyles for Black Women

When you get up in the morning, you will feel invigorated by styling your long locks. Your hair will feel smooth and ready to go after you put some curls into it or run the flat iron over it to keep it straight all day long. You will be feeling like a princess or even a queen. You will want to flaunt your look all over town. It will be something that you feel proud to have. Long hair is typically a sign of beautiful, well cared for hair.

Introducing Yolanda Turner

So, if you’re ready then visit Yolanda Turner or another stylist at Crown of Glory in Irving, TX. Just give them a call at (214) 881-5012. You will be surprised at how friendly and welcoming the staff is. You will get all the pampering that you deserve.

Book in soon for the best selection of appointment times. And walk out with luscious locks that are longer than anything you have ever had. For a short hair to long look, try the fusion weave hairstyle. You will be glad that you are able to go long.

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