Short Natural Hairstyle with Hair Color from Bishop Da Showstopper

Basically, you can get a plain selection of short hairstyles for black women, or you can request one with a little twist. And you know as they say- why blend in when you were born to stand out?

Salon: Da Showstopper Experience
Stylist: Bishop Da Showstopper
Model: Patrice
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

Natural Hairstyle with Hair Color

This is one of the natural hairstyles with hair color that will have you glad that you decided to veer away from the crowd. It will be nice for you too because you have low maintenance on your side, aside from a trip to the stylist for maintenance.

Bold Hair Color

If fire engine red is a natural part of your personality, then this is the look for you. You will be jumping up and down with ecstasy too that you saved yourself that 20 minutes of styling in the morning. You can do so many things with 20 minutes- like hitting the snooze button a couple times or do your morning stretches. You can even do some cardio in 20 minutes and work on that figure.

Don’t worry though- you will look like a million bucks the entire day. Finally, you can shampoo and go. And you can still get those compliments on your hair too.

Da Showstopper Experience in Ft. Worth, TX

So, if you’re convinced that this is your ‘do, then visit stylist Bishop Da Showstopper at the salon Da Showstopper Experience in Ft. Worth, TX. Appointments might be in high demand, that’s why you should phone them right away at (817) 657-5479.

When it comes time to do you, step into a salon that can give you what you need and want. And you will look exactly like the picture when you emerge. Good things take time but you should book in right away if you want to get the cut and color soon.

For any season, go short with color and enjoy your natural hair once again. It probably needs a break from styling.

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