Long, Lemonade Braid Extensions from Jameka Davenport

It’s no secret that a lemonade braids hairstyle can be very intricate. That’s definitely the case with this modern take on the lemonade braid.

Salon: Glitz & Glamour Hair and Makeup Studio
Stylist: Jameka Davenport
Model: Jaleriah
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Intricate Styling

This is no ordinary style- it is truly a work of art. The model has beautiful blue waved into the bottom of all the braids. This adds some color, a pop, and extreme visual interest. The front of the hair has white thread waved all down it in “x” patterning. This just shows that the style is extremely detail orientated.

The triangle patterning on the side of the head is very unique. It is not often that this sectioning for corn rows is done so precisely. Then there are small cornrows coming out of the triangles leading to the large side braids. This styling is beautiful and makes sure that one side of the head does not outdo the other. The style looks just as good on the braided side as it does the patterned cornrow side.

Bring Out Your Best

If you have huge eyes like the model, this style is definitely for you. It will just make all your features pop. You don’t need fancy clothes to make this look work for you. Just simple clothes will do as the braids are the central feature of the look.

Introducing Jameka Davenport from Glitz & Glamour Hair and Makeup Studio

Now that you know you want this look, you have to know where to go. Visit stylist Jameka Davenport at the salon Glitz & Glamour Hair and Makeup Studio in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. The salon’s phone number is (850) 200-4300. You will be sure to get a really great level of service there as well as walk out looking immaculate.

For this look, make sure you specify in advance what you are looking for. There is a lot of preparation as well as time that needs to be allotted for you appointment. But to look this good, it is definitely worth it.

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