Long Natural Hairstyle with Soft Curls from Kenya Young

Salon: Young Sassy & Unique
Stylist: Kenya Young
Model: Tiwanna
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The way women wear their hair can say a lot about them. It can offer insight to their taste in design, character, and personality. People with long hair often have trouble finding a way to make it look alive and complimenting. Long hair can be luxurious when it has had some new techniques applied to it. For instance, straight hair may look completely different if it was curled or permed. Or curly hair would transform into straight hair; which would give the individual a different appearance. No matter what type of look we are trying to accomplish; our hair will be the key touch.
Long hairstyles for black women has been very popular. It is not uncommon for natural hairstyles to be an increasing trend in this day and age. A black woman having long hair is quite lovely and it expresses a classy sex appeal. Long hair can be spruced up for a night out with a few soft curls added to it. This type of style has a gorgeous appearance and will make you feel like a brand new woman.
To accomplish long haired style with soft curl effect, there are a few steps to follow. First, wash and dry your hair. Once it is dried part it how you would like. It can be parted on down the middle or left side. Take a medium to large strips of hair to curl. You can use a big curling iron or hot rollers will work as well. Start with one section at a time and begin at the bottom and curl up. Do this until all the strands are laying in curl ringlets. To achieve this amazing hairstyle, you can contact Kenya Young in Durham, North Carolina. The hairstyle salon that Kenya works is called; Young Sassy & Unique Hair Salon. The phone number is (919) 444-9089.

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