Short Mohawk Hairstyle with Tapered Sides from Kenya Young

Salon: Young Sassy & Unique
Stylist: Kenya Young
Model: Keisha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Women have a variety of hairstyles to choose from in today’s generation. There are different styles, cuts, and colors that can be completed to transform a new look for women. Several different types of black hairstyles are available to make women feel more sexy and spectacular. A unique and colorful transformation that is being designed is called a Mohawk hairstyle. This amazingly beautiful transformation gives women a way to express their character and personality with the way they wear their hair. This trending style has been very popular and many women enjoy the attitude that the hair portrays. The short black Mohawk hairstyle can be styled in a few simple steps.
For a short black Mohawk effect, it can be done with any length of hair. A short haircut works well with this new look. First, shampoo the hair before beginning the transformation. Once the hair and scalp are clean, taper the sides and back of the hair for an amazing look. To achieve the tapered cut, you can use clippers or scissors. This will make the Mohawk stand out on top and will be easy to manage. The tapering style allows the hair to be shorter on the sides than on the top. It gives the side of the head a neat look. On the top of the head, the hair can be left longer than the back and sides. This gives the Mohawk effect. It can be trimmed if needed so that it stands up taller on top and can be transformed to lay more to one side. If you want to go one step further to make the Mohawk really stand out; add some color. Pick your favorite color or colors to add to the top or you can leave it as your natural color.
The short black Mohawk hairstyle was created by a hairstylist who has an artist’s ability. A haircut and style have never looked better and friends will be wanting to take part in this new trend. The Mohawk style was created by Kenya Young. This extraordinary ability to implement this masterpiece shows the talent this stylist has. Kenya’s hair salon is located in Durham, North Carolina. To get this beautiful Mohawk style you can go to Young Sassy & Unique Hair Salon. Or call and make an appointment at (919) 444-9089.

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