Long Romance Curls Hairstyle from Ursula Kershaw

Salon: The Studio
Stylist: Ursula Kershaw
Model: Nicole
Make Up: Tierra Nichole

Long hairstyles for black women are gaining popularity and North Charleston SC hair salons have dedicated their expertise to ensuring that they offer you the very best. This long romance curls hairstyle is the most recommended black hairstyles as it is not only sophisticated but also chic and adventurous. If you are looking to have that swing with your hair, this is the hair do for you.


Shampoo your hair thoroughly
Straighten your hair to dry and entangle it
Purchase two pieces of the long romance curls weave

Step-by-step Guide

Make a front side cut on the left side of your hair

The cut provides the origin of the hairstyle. Do not make it too deep into your head’s crown. The amount of hair you leave out should be enough to cover the weave so it blends in creating the illusion that the hair is complete. Hold this section up so it does not mix with the rest.

Plait some line with the rest of your hair such that they meet at a given point

With the rest of the remaining hair, plait some lines ensuring that they meet at the same point. These serve the purpose of attaching the weave pieces.

Attach the hair extensions

Attach the weave on the lines ensuring that they are evenly spread out until your head is covered and there are no visible spaces.

Comb it down together

Once you complete attaching the weave pieces, you can comb it down together with the rest of the hair that you had held to complete the hairstyle.

Oil your hair and style as desired

Oil your hair to give it a shine and style as you desire.

To provide the desired results, it is recommended that you work with a professional from North Charleston SC hair salons. This black hairstyle is a creation of Ursula Kershaw from The Studio in North Charleston, SC. to book an appointment, contact her on her phone number (843) 364-4049.

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