Long Sew-In Weave Hairstyle with Color from Nakia Boykin

Sew-in weaves are taking on new dimensions these days. This look by Nakia Boykin designed at Studio Bold And Beautiful in Columbia, SC is both stunning and striking.  

Imagine a hair color that you will not be tired of immediately. That is exactly what this style offers. The purples are rich and deep. It is easy to just get lost in them. And the flairs of orange-red compliment the look perfectly. The rest of the style is red on the top and to bottom for continuity. Red and purple are from the same color spectrum so they work really well together. They create a surprisingly natural looking contrast of hues. The only surprise really is the singular flame of color sprinkled in the middle.

Hair: Nakia Boykin
Model: Rebekah
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Because let’s face it, if you sit for sew-in weaves, you want them to make a statement about your personality. And you want to be somewhat of a trend setter at the same time. This look does both with a polished look that is ready for the run way. And even if you’re in any fashion shows any time soon, it will feel like it with the amount of compliments that you will receive on your hair.  

Dare to walk on the wild side? Well, with this look you don’t really have to. The color is fun but the style is easy to replicate. The soft waves can be redone each day with ease. And the bangs sweep off of the face so you don’t really need to worry about them falling into your face when you have work to do. Of course you will enjoy compliments but you don’t need to be thinking about your hair all day. That’s why this design is also so practical for real life situations.  

There is some nice layering in this cut. It again gives texture but sweeps away from the face. You can style the layers with a straightening iron. Just sweep them away from the face while styling in a curling back motion. And voila, you have your look.  

Long hair is fun to play with because it is easy to style up for special occasions. This is a sturdy weave so you can have all the benefits of long hair. Low buns are also a great option. You can just secure them with elastics and bobby pins.  

 If you want dimension and depth from your long hair, then this is the style that you should choose. You will get the best of the color world. It is a delightful experience for the senses. Your bonnet will be blooming with feminine shades.  

This is a great lower maintenance weave. You will want to keep it in for a while to soak in the benefits of having such a trend setting style. Studio Bold And Beautiful in Columbia, SC can implement this look for you to enjoy. The great part of going to the salon is that they are trained to perform exactly what the picture dictates. It is just a relief to walk out of the salon finally looking like the picture.

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