Short, Sassy, Blonde Hairstyle from Kevin Quattlebaum

There are lots of different black hairstyles for women that also incorporate blonde elements. Some of the hairstyles involving blonde hair color for black women will use the blonde elements very effectively. People who are skeptical about blonde hairstyles sometimes think that this means that they are going to have to dye their hair blonde in general and that they are going to end up with the stereotypical bleached look that some hairstyles are trying to move away from in the modern world. However, it is possible to use blonde shades and streaks more creatively than that, including in tapered hairstyles for black women.

Hair: Kevin Quattlebaum
Model: Kristy
Make Up: Kristy Quattlebaum  

This hairstyle is not purely a blonde hairstyle, which means that it might be more accessible to some of the people who are reluctant to try blonde hair. The front section of the hair is blonde, but even then, it blends seamlessly into a strawberry shade and then back to brown and black. This section of the hair looks like bangs that have been swept forward, nearly covering one eye in a way that is mysterious.  

In that way, this hairstyle is somewhat reminiscent of the famous look popularized by the Old Hollywood star Veronica Lake. This gives it a classic look. However, this is still a very modern hairstyle that is clearly a part of this time and not a product of the past.  

The swept bangs in this hairstyle are blonde in the front, but they subtly blend into progressively darker shades. This is very effective, especially since a person who has this hairstyle will more or less appear to have all of the major hair colors at once. This subtle blend of colors almost gives this hairstyle a futuristic feel, which contrasts nicely with the Old Hollywood glamour that it has in many ways.  

This is a hairstyle that appears to exist in two sections. There is the top section, which involves the swept bangs. There is also the bottom section, which is much shorter and which is somewhat curly. This section is much darker than the blonde bangs. As such, people will get all of the benefits of both ends of the hair color spectrum. They will get darker shades along with lighter shades, juxtaposed against one another in order to make both shades stand out more.  

With this hairstyle, people will also see some creativity with the textures. The forward-swept bangs are very smooth and shiny, and they will catch a lot of light. The other section of the hairstyle is shiny, but it is more layered and features more fringe, and this means that the two parts of the hairstyle will start to complement one another in terms of color and texture. This hairstyle also almost looks braided in the back, which should make it look even more impressive and intricate.

Many tapered hairstyles for black women can look very exciting, and this is certainly one of them. Not all hairstylists will produce work like this, and it is rewarding whenever people can find something in this category.

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