Long, Soft and Sexy Curls from Jackie Evans

Salon: All About You Hair Designs
Stylist: Jackie Evans
Model: Aris
Make Up: Ms. Jackee

There’s nothing more flattering or feminine that long hairstyles that feature curls. In this image, Jackie Evans from All About You Salon & Boutique in Phoenix shows us just how you can take your everyday, ordinary wrap and turn it into something even more sophisticated. Let’s take a moment to discuss how you can create these soft curls on your own.

What You’ll Need:
Wide Tooth Comb
Setting lotion
Hooded Dryer
Marcel Irons

Step 1: Wash and detangle
Shampoo and comb through the hair. It’s easy for hair to become knotted and tangled between washes. This is especially true when it comes to longer hair. As you wash, take the time to remove any tangle you come across. After you rinse your hair, comb down it’s length to make sure that it will be easy to style.

Step 2: Apply setting lotion
Set your hair. Take a generous amount of setting lotion and evenly work it through every strand of hair. Comb the hair as you do this to ensure that it remains tangle-free. You should also use a towel to lightly pat away any excess or dripping lotion, as too much can cause a longer drying time and leave a white film behind.

Step 3: Sit beneath dryer
Allow your hair to dry. Sit beneath a hooded dryer. Depending on itslength, you should allow your hair to dry between and hourand a halfto two.

Step 4: Comb out and add oil sheen
Comb through your hair. In order to avoid damage or a frizzy look, it’s essential that you make sure your hair is completely dry before starting the styling process. Lightly apply oil in order to give it luster and sheen.

Step 5: Curl
Curl your hair. Take small sections of the hair and wrap them around your marcel iron. Position the iron as if you are attempting to create a ring curl. The bigger your curling iron, the more dramatic your curl will look.

Step 6: Finger comb
Separate the curls. Avoid using a comb to pick your curls out as this will only make them less defined. Use your fingers to gently pull the curls apart until you have reached the amount of volume you desire.

Maybe you’re still not able to achieve this exact look. In this case, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. All About You Salon & Boutique is one of thePhoenix Arizona hair salons thatspecializes in styling long black hairstyles. Simply call(623) 334-8855 to learn more.

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