Medium Length Bob Hairstyle from Tiffany Thames

Many of the black hairstyles for women that are coming out are bold and fresh. But, there is still a lack of a bob haircut that breaks the mold. That is, until Tiffany Thames came onto the scene with her Medium Length Bob Hairstyle. This style is beyond stylish, it is groundbreaking.

Imagine looking like a queen from another era of the 1900’s. However, it is really difficult to pinpoint one decade which is what makes this hairstyle so fantastic. The best bob hairstyles borrow from all the various eras to create a masterpiece. And that is certainly what this cut is.

Salon: Main Attraction Hair Studio
Stylist: Tiffany Thames
Model: Thomasine
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

From every angle, a person gets a distinctive look and facet of the personality of the cut on this bob hairstyle. Straight on, all one can notice is the swept-up bangs in a curl over to the side. They have an up swept look that was borrowed from another decade when women went to great lengths to do their hair. The one side of the cut is longer and has a curl at the bottom. The other side is shorter and has a straight look to it like a classic bob.

The coloring is unique as there is just dips of blond at the bottom of the haircut and swept into the bangs. This is not quite an ombre but doesn’t fit into any other category of hair coloring trends either. A woman who wears this cut will feel that her hair is perfect for any occasion. She will feel elegant in every setting. She can always uncurl the longer layer to give a more edgy appeal to the cut as well.

To get this versatile but not subtle ‘do, visit award winning hair stylist Tiffany Thames at Main Attraction Hair Studio in Kernersville, NC. Contact Tiffany at (336) 992-0263 and let her create your next signature hairstyle. You will find that you get a lot of wear out of this beautiful bob.

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