Teenage Girl Natural Hairstyle from Ashley Wright & Junie Richie

When you have a teenage girl who is hard to please, getting her that perfect hairstyle can be difficult. Well this teenage girl natural hairstyle takes advantage of black hair and makes it look fierce. Of all the black hairstyles for women, this one tops the charts as standing out. It is sure to be a crowd pleasing do and also get a teenage girl excited about her hair all at the same time.

Salon: Karline’s Salon
Stylist: Ashley Wright / Junie Riche
Model: Yolanda
Make Up: Shakora Peterson

Ashley Wright and Junie Richie have aptly named this style Teenage Girl Natural Hairstyle. They have pooled their expertise to create a style that is truly intricate. The cornrows all over are definitely a work of art. And the huge bouffant at the front creates visual intrigue. A woman or teenager will appreciate this face lift. It really elongates the face.

The model is pictured wearing dressy clothes. It looks as though she is visiting the prom. However, this style can work anytime that a change in hair is wanted. The braids make the entire operation so neat. It can be enjoyed for months. Sleeping on the style won’t be too much of a challenge since the style is top heavy. The back just has a singular braid going upwards. The hair is very secure and will not fall out of place.

Visit the salon to get this look today. You will have to book in extra time and name the style so the stylists have time to do all the braids. It will take some time, but you will end up being the envy of the town once the stylists have worked their magic.

If you are in the mood to do something spectacular with your natural hair, then this is certainly the style to try. You will get a look that is right off the shelf in terms of creativity.

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