Mid Length Natural Hairstyle with Color from Shae Thompson

Salon: A Heavenly Place in Hair
Stylist: Shae Thompson
Model: Nicole
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

This mid-length natural hairstyle with hair color from Shae Thompson is a hairstyle that can be cut to this length if your hair is super long or if it is short already and just needs to be styled. This mid-length cut is good for that casual ware for almost any event. This hairstyle also brings feistiness to the outward appearance. Also a quick spunk-do can be used for events like prom and it doesn’t take long for the creator to create or you may be able to do it yourself. Do it yourself techniques are effective and takes less time than having someone do it for you although this hairstyle from Shae Thompson is very affordable.

This style is easy enough to use a splat of gel, comb over and twist hair into curls at the bottom or you can straighten the front and gel then twist the curls in the back hairspray and go. Every girl needs a quick hairstyle to look fabulous and Shae Thompson brings that outlook with her mid-length natural hairstyle with color. Although it can be attempted to do it yourself Shae Thompson would be glad to bring this look to you affordably. For more information She Thompson will be able to give you full details on how she prefers this hairstyle to be. Either way, whether you do this hairstyle yourself or you have it done Shae Thompson gives this hairstyle a slight boss look with this mid-length look. Shae Thompson can be contacted at the salon website: https://universalsalons.com/aheavenlyplaceinhair or feel free to give her a call at (850) 243-2297. With hairstyle questions and answers the Shae is sure to guide you to have this look with ease.

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