Miss Sleek Mane Long Hairstyle from Denise Cummings

Salon: Signature Styles By Denise
Stylist: Denise Cummings
Model: Denise
Make Up: Asia Carter

This is one of the most popular, yet exceptionally difficult black hairstyles to create. Though there are no artistic weaves and curls, except for a bit of teasing in the bangs, long relaxed hair is a must. Maintaining ultralight sheen and evenness in this representative long hairstyles look can only be achieved with careful attention paid to how hair grows from the scalp. In order to work optimally with relaxed hair, it is important to find where the follicles part naturally and work from that point. Steam, irons, chemicals and all other treatments for long hairstyles should commence only when natural parting points are located. Once the hair is tamed into hemispheres, contouring, dying and other treatments may be applied. The ultimate goal of this type of black hairstyles pattern is to minimize hair visibility and maximize wonderfully attractive skin tones and facial features.

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