Short Hairstyle with Auburn Hair Color from Audrey Ravenell

Salon: Trinity Salon & Day Spa
Stylist: Audrey Ravenell
Model: Denise
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The swept fringe is one of the most popular and becoming black hairstyles. These short haircuts are generally used by women who desire a chic, sophisticated, and desirable look.

In many cases, hair color is applied to the bangs for added effect. In many cases, lighter colors are used, as in the case of the copper swept fringe.

This striking look can be easily achieved with a few short steps.

1. Texturize or relax the hair.
2. Highlight or color the tips of hair to be used for bangs.
3. Curl the hair on the back and the sides with a half inch flat or curling iron.
4. Use the iron to create bangs toward the face.
5. Sweep the bangs to one side to create the ‘swept’ look.
6. Enjoy all of the compliments!


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