Modern Pixie Cut Hairstyle from Ashlee Gradic

We all know that everyone can’t rock a short cut, and we all know that everyone cannot execute a short cut. If you are one of the sassy lovelies that are desiring a sharp short do, then let me recommend this stylist for you! Ashlee Gradic has many skills, but one of her obvious hairstyling abilities is this modern pixie cut hairstyle!

Salon: Style Rich Salon
Stylist: Ashlee Gradic
Model: Felisha
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Modern Pixie Cut Hairstyle

This particular model is wearing a boldly, and beautifully short pixie haircut. Pixie cuts are a long-time favorite that has yet to go out of style. Actually, quite the contrary. Even now, you can still catch many celebrities rocking a pixie such as Teyana Taylor, Keke Palmer and Rhianna just to name a few. Though such a cut may seem easy and basic, hidden jewels such as light curls makes the hair seem wavy to the eye. The hair line is also a shining star in the magic of this cut.

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The rounded hair line leaves this cut with femininity and elegance. Even better than the style itself, this is an easy to manage style and just right for all ages and stages of life. Hit the gym with a stylish cut or head to a ball, and even everything in between. Ashlee goes a professional step closer by tailoring this modern pixie cut hairstyle for your needs and desires.

Introducing Ashlee Gradic from Style Rich Salon

Ashlee Gradic of Style Rich Salon is the owner and stylist in the lovely city of Charleston South Carolina. Ashlee Gradic and staff are driven to provide the best customer service experience upon every visit. They aim to please the client and their professionalism is the highlight of the interaction with you as a client. Ashlee Gradic can be reached in her salon through the number 843-708-5507 or for your convenience, you can also book and inquire on the website

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