Root Braids Cornrow Updo from Ashley Howell

Here is a wonderfully crafted updo by professional hair stylist Ashley Howell of A and A Beauty. This is a youthful and fun root braids cornrow updo that can be for all ages also. The beautiful part is that not only is this a trendy style, but it is also easy maintenance. What more could a girl ask for?!

Salon: A & A Beauty Salon
Stylist: Ashley Howell
Model: Natalia
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Root Braids Cornrow Updo

Cornrows, also recently called root braids, is not a new style. They are classic and seem to never grow old or go out of style due to their versatility. With four simple cornrows in the front of the style, this root braids cornrow updo look begins to take form and come to life. The elegant and neat cornrows are well laid and polished. The real surprise is in the back of the style. Ashley chose a purposeful crooked part which gives extra flair.

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Dual cornrows link the style together from the front to the back. The rest of the hair comes to the top of the head in cute little hair pom poms and then finally into a chic and feminine bun. Like any other style with natural hair, tamed edges are very important. Ashley has tamed the beast edges with her choice of product. To give the final polishing of perfection, Ashley has added sheen and gloss to make it shine!

Introducing Ashley Howell from A and A Beauty

A and A Beauty is a multi service salon located in the lovely city of Orangeburg South Carolina. Ashley Howell is a one of the staff members dedicated to making sure you receive top flight customer service. Ashley has many years of experience and a reputation of giving you the flawless look you have been longing for. Time is of the essence, and your essence is what Ashley would like to bring through your hair style. Though walk-ins are fully welcomed, for your time management, appointments are preferred. Schedule yours now through the website or 803-378-5217.

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