Mohawk Updo Black Hairstyle with Twist on the Side from Aniya Oden

Salon: Styles So Chic
Stylist: Aniya Oden
Model: Tamesha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

This is an example of a chic Mohawk formed into a formal updo. This particular black hairstyle was created by Aniya Oden from Style So Chic Hair Salon located at 4109 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh North Carolina 27609.

This Mohawk updo hairstyle has a golden brown color on top to form into a high bun with a flip to create a more elegant style. The back is created into a braided style which creates a beautiful Mohawk style with waves on the side. This chic sophisticated formal hairstyle can be worn to any event type of event. Whether it’s professional, formal or just a night on the town, this look will give you the attention you desire. This style can be dressed up or dressed down and still look elegant and chic! For more information or to make an appointment with Aniya, you can contact her at (919) 532-9555.


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