Raleigh North Carolina Hairstylist Aniya Oden

Styles So Chic
4109 Wake Forest Road
Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 532-9555

Aniya-OdenAniya Oden, a “healthy hairstylist” who is the owner of Styles so Chic Hair Salon, one of the top black hair salons in Raleigh, NC, entered the beauty industry about six years ago. Aniya who was born and raised in Washington NC, attended Beaufort county community college where she got her cosmetology license. She relocated to Raleigh NC shortly after completing the cosmetology program to pursue her career.  Ms. Oden, states that as a young girl I always had a vision for art but never in the art of hair! I discovered my talent at a very late age, however; it is a gift I thank God for every day. 

Throughout Aniya’s career she has continued educatioing herself to stay updated on the latest styles and techniques. Aniya says all women are beautiful and chic.  Aniya also dedicated herself to bringing that elegance and beauty out of women through the scalp.  She believes all women can have healthy beautiful hair regardless if it’s natural, relaxer or a weave as long as we work together.

Aniya does custom coloring, cuts, styles and weaves. Her passion is creative styling such as formal and elegant styles.  I always practice healthy hair care!  Aniya says that I am elevating as a stylist every day and there is a lot to be seen by me. So stay tuned in as this innovative, creative and chic stylist rise to the top. Aniya says healthy hair starts in my chair but continued at home, if we work together you will have hair that’s beautiful and chic. Come see me Aniya at Styles so Chic hair salon “Where your healthy hair journey begins!”



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