Mylindra Diggs’ Cornrow Braids for Men with Short Hair

When a man decides to take that journey into wearing dreads and braids, they need some choices when it comes to the type of starter hairstyles they could wear. As many men start out on this journey, they may decide to use loc extensions that will create the length of full braids. Others, however, want to stay true to themselves and continue to sport their own, natural hair but in a way that still looks good. Mylindra Diggs from Salon Cheveux Int’l in Charlotte has created the perfect look for just such an individual. This cornrow braids for men with short hair is perfect for the guy who wants to stay true to themselves while they start their journey into braids and locs.

Stylist: Mylindra Diggs
Salon: Salon Cheveux Int’l Deux
Model: Tay
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Cornrow Braids for Men with Short Hair

Mylindra created this hairstyle to give men a sophisticated look as they began to wear cornrows. She designed intricate parts between each braid and then she pulled the hair up into a bun at the top of the hair. This hairstyle is designed to make the client look good at any event with a clean and polished cornrow hairstyle that utilizes the model’s natural hair without the use of extensions. The intricate design parts throughout the hairstyle are an added bonus that showcases the client’s afro-centric mood and the hair stylist’s eye for detail.

This cornrow braids for men with short hair style is also very easy to maintain. The client would just need to use a daily moisturizer and then wrap their hair up at night with a satin cloth.

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Introducing Mylindra Diggs from Salon Cheveux Int’l in Charlotte, NC

Mylindra Diggs is an expert in men’s haircare. She is a professional hair stylist with many years’ experience with braids and locs hairstyles. Mylindra not only focuses on creating elegant braids hairstyles for her clientele, she also uses her talents to ensure that these hairstyles are healthy for her client’s hair. This ensures Mylindra’s customers are receiving the best trend setting hairstyles and keeping their hair in good condition at the same time. Check Mylindra out at Salon Cheveux Int’l, 2038 Ayrsley Town Blvd. in Charlotte, NC. You can also reah Mylindra by phone at (704) 727-2959

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