Intense Red Hair Color on Natural Hair from Deanna Burton

Red is most definitely the go-to hair color for anyone wanting to stand out in a crowd. Deanna Burton from John O’Brien Hair Salon in Statesville, SC created this intense red hair color for her model. The hair red hair color is a custom blend Deanna created just for this occasion also. To add to the attractiveness of this look, the custom hair color lays on top of the model’s own natural hair. More and more black women are making the choice to stay with their natural curl pattern these days. Many think that doing so would limit their styling possibilities but Deanna Burton likes to challenge that idea. She loves to create artistic hair color ideas using the client’s natural hair that won’t damage the hair in any way.  Deanna gives her client’s the best of both worlds also.

Salon: John O’Brien
Stylist: Deanna Burton
Model: Taccarra
Make Up: Jocelyn Combs

Intense Red Hair Color

This hairstyle features what Deanna likes to call, “a sexy wild berry red” hair color. The color is applied over the model’s natural hair. Afterwards, Deanna added textured curls throughout the head. The curls add definition to the style and helps to make the hair color more vibrant also. The home maintenance routine for this intense red hair color is very simple. The client simply needs to use a daily moisturizer and then wrap the hair every night with a silk or satin bonnet. The textured curls and intense red hair color make this particular hairstyle a showstopper.

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Introducing Deanna Burton from John O’Brien Hair Salon in Statesville, NC

Deanna Burton is a nationally published hair stylist located at John O’Brien Hair Salon, 435 South Center Street, in Statesville, NC. Deanna is nationally known for her professional work ethic and her industry knowledge. Her work has appeared in national publications like Hype Hair and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. If you want a beautiful new doo on your own natural hair, give Deanna Burton a call at (704) 450-2919.

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