Nacole Brown’s Princess Locs Natural Updo Hairstyle

Salon: Co Co’s Natural Hair Salon
Stylist: Nacole Brown
Model: Na’zja

Kid’s hairstyles do not have to be any more challenging than they look. Your princess can use her braids to show her locs off in a way that everyone will adore. This look is simple with only a few bobby pins and a pony tail holder.

Start by pulling the braids into a pony tail. Next, take a few locks of hair and scrunch or squish them into a messy ball and secure that ball in place with a bobby pin or two. Repeat the scrunching with a few more strands until the entire pony tail is in a ball that looks like a bun. Adjust any areas as needed, and you will have the perfect kid’s hairstyle for any occasion.

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