Curly Lace Wigs Hairstyle from Fayetteville NC Hair Stylist Shay Samuels

Salon: L3 Salon
Stylist: Shay Samuels
Model: Shay

Black hairstyles should be versatile for day or for night, regardless of how curly the hair is naturally. This look can be replicated with lace wigs, or by using smoothing products on damp hair. Apply to miss and ends. At the root, spray a volume product without oil in the ingredients. Dry hair 80-90% dry, and section. Use a boar bristle brush if you have curly hair, a ceramic round brush if you are styling lace wigs. Blow dry, smoothing the ends around the brush, lifting at the roots for volume. Alway finish black hairstyles with a medium hairspray.


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