Nancy Hamilton’s Funky Highlighted Mohawk Hairstyle

Salon: Lady of Grace
Stylist: Nancy Hamilton
Model: Danielle
Make Up: Ms. Jackee

Danielle is on fire. When your social and business life are moving upwards and onwards, choose the perfect hairstyle to match. These short Black hairstyles are easy to manage. Your hair will dry quickly when you have one of these Black short hairstyles.

Danielle’s front has a nice sculpted arch framing your face. The back is curled in nice even rows. These short hairstyles for women enable the business professional to handle any challenges. Danielle has that cute little French look to it. The look is fresh – like French silk pie – with locks of hair curled upwards.

Nancy Hamilton from Lady Of Grace Hair Salon in Peoria Az created this hairstyle. You can see more of her work here…

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