Nancy Hamilton’s Sexy Spirals Natural Straw Set Hairstyles with Hair Color

Salon: Lady of Grace
Stylist: Nancy Hamilton
Model: Kim
Make Up: Ms. Jackee

Do you know those cool spiral pasta shells? They just taste better than the straight version. Likewise, Kim’s coiled spirals are ready to jump this way and that. This playful, tasteful black hairstyle allows women to move their spirals around depending on their moods. Amongst black hairstyles, this straw set is cute to boot.

Brighten up a room when you have your little coiled locks in place. As you dance, they will gently caress the sides of your face. Kim;s look is as straightforward and to-the-point as the name suggests. It’s is an easy-to-manage Black hairstyle for active women.

This hairstyle was created by Phoenix AZ area cosmetologist Nancy Hamilton. You can see more of her work here…


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