Natural Extensions with Cornrows from Temi Roberts

Salon: Lady Styles Hair Designs
Stylist: Temi Roberts
Model: Monica
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

You can always achieve a good look with natural hair extensions if you know the right way to work them around your scalp. These natural extensions with cornrows will help you add volume or length to your natural hair. Protective styling with braids and synthetic hair can be a hit or miss but you will never go wrong with cornrows.
The good thing about natural extensions with cornrows is that it works for any event. Whether you intend to spend the night out with your girlfriends or want to go to a meeting. This shoulder length hairstyle works for oval shaped faces.

How to make the natural extension with cornrows

Once you have this cornrow design, you should part the hair accordingly. Pin the extra hair out of the way so that you can have enough space to work your braids. Take off as much extension hair as you’ll need then place the hair against the scalp.
Pull the ends around the extensions and braid about an inch to an inch and a half depending on the volume of your hair and then add the small braid into one of the three strands for the extension. You should then start braiding as you usually do once to the end as if you’re doing the braided Mohawk.
This is also the best technique to use for any of your natural hairstyles and it will definitely work. When you want to remove, you can add a little olive oil and remove gently with the help of the tail of a rat tail comp.
In case you don’t get the desired look, you should consider consulting an expert. Get help from Temi Roberts, the creator of natural extensions with cornrows from Lady Styles Hair Designs in Laurel, MD. You can also call (704) 252-1312 for consultation.

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