Short Spiral Set Hairstyle from Ebony Curtis

Salon: A Lady Becoming Salon
Stylist: Ebony Curtis
Model: Essence
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Image and beauty are the most attractive features in a woman. Every woman wants to be beautiful and presentable to people but most importantly to herself. However, when we talk about presentable, most people automatically think only about dress code and that should not be the case at all. For a lady, the most basic but important part of her closet is her hair.African American women have rich, healthy and beautiful hair. Trouble is, over the years, African American hair has continually been left out in the innovation of new hairdos but that, today, is going to change. Black hairstyles, short hair for black women and hairstyles such as spiral set and beautiful hair color are original and classy hair dos created by Ebony Curtis for beautiful black women of all walks of life.Ebony Curtis being a professional cosmetology created a trendy look for women with short to look gorgeous and still maintain their urban funk. To make this hair do even classier, a highlight is added to it depending on the client’s preferences. To come up with extremely good results, she first shampoos the hair and uses a professional special conditioner to keep the hair healthy. She then cuts the hair as short as short as her clients desired but usually just above the skull. The final do forms a circular bulk at the middle.Spiral setting has also proven to work great for black hair. Ms Curtis having had ten years of professional experience does transforming looks. Some of her work has appeared on universal salons confirming her prowess in this field. To obtain the spiral set, she will Wash and condition your hair with curl-enhancing products most preferably Sulfate-free formulas containing oils work best as a moisturizer and does not strip hair.She then gently squeezes the ends of your hair dry with a paper towel to avoid drying hair out and tampering with original texture. She then does the curling and pinning process and allows it to cool completely before removing the pins. She then uses her fingers to loosen the curls as desired by her client.A Lady Becoming Salon is owned and solely operated by Ebony Curtis who have over 8 years of experience in cosmetology. If you are very picky and selective when it comes to your hair, you will be happy working with Ms Curtis, she treats all her clients very personally and cares deeply about the state of their hairs. The salon offers a very comfortable environment and is located at a well known shopping centre in Laurel and which serves Fort Meade, Odenton, Severn, Hanover, Laurel and surrounding area as well.“I am a big woman, I need big hair”. This quote from Aretha Franklin completely describes what Ebony Curtis at A lady becoming salon will offer. Every black woman deserves rich healthy hair that is consistently taken good care of.

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